client: Light Grey Art Lab - ROBO Exhibition (12 February 2016)

"Robots are inherently un-gendered, but TV shows like The Jetsons still designed their mechanical maid, Rosie the Robot (ironic that she shares a name with feminist symbol Rosie the Riveter) to identify as female and perform to that gender role's expectations. The robots in Futurama (who are also all gendered for no apparent reason) are 3dimensional, autonomous, sentient beings truly made in their creators' image--sometimes physically, but most definitely in all the peculiarities of their personalities. I can't help but wonder what a robot feminist movement might look like when confused with all of our projected human societal pressures. Gadgettes have plenty enough computational power, hydraulic aptitude and sass to challenge the patriarchal constructs of the past, present and future."
If you dig what these fembots are throwin' down, prints are available at Light Grey Art Lab's online shop.