Corona Australis: Black Tortoise of the North
client: Light Grey Art Lab - COSMOS Tarot & Oracle Deck and Gallery Exhibition (30 October 2015)

"The stars of Corona Australis are located within a larger Chinese constellation known as the Black Tortoise of the North. The Tortoise originated when Xuan Wu, one of the highest
ranking Taoist deities in Chinese folklore, was on his path to achieve enlightenment and divine status. Xuan Wu realized that he must purge himself of all of his past sins in order to
become a god. As part of the process, he cut out his own stomach and intestines, and proceeded to wash them in the river. His sins dissolved and blackened the river, which formed
a black tortoise and snake. These began to terrorize the nearby villages. When Xuan Wu learned of this, he returned to slay the tortoise, but instead decided to train it to assist with
his future quests."
All cards have gorgeous gold-foiled constellations or detailing. Full decks can be purchased at the Light Grey Art Lab shop.